BRIEF: Solve one of FN’s world goals by using advertising for a chosen brand. 

FACT: There is a thermostat war going on in the offices around the world. 

Office tempereatures can be up to 35% too cold for women metabolism.

Women thrive better in an enviroment that is in average 5 degrees warmer than men.

England has the coldest offices in the world.

BRAND: British Gas.

IDEA: British gas creates awareness by displaying sexist ads that talk about temparatures at work.

MOODBOARD/excisting communication: 

SOLUTION: By displaying sexists outdoor ads, British Gas creates awareness to the Heat Gap problem and uses the sticker activation to start a dialogue inside offices.



To end the heat gap, it’s crucial to get the message all the way to the offices. 

This sticker ACTIVATION helps colleagues pay attention to the heat gap and guides them to ask before turning the AC up.

All relevant campaign information is available on a LANDINGPAGE. A web page on British Gas’ original website.