Made with Alexander Leisner.

Build a new vegan yogurt brand.

We found out that DTU (Denmarks Tech University) invented a vegan yogurt only with three ingredients.

I went to visit the inventor Claus. He is a senior researcher at DTU.

He explained the ingredients to me (one was a waste product from beer). He also told me that it’s easier to make it into a drinking yogurt because of the texture.

Claus mentioned that the taste was a little grainy, and he suggested that coffee flavour would be a good mix with the yogurt.

We though that this brand should have a Science-vibe to celebrate Claus and DTU. We decided to call it START™, because it’s made with starter culture, it’s for the start of your day and we wanted to target people working at start-ups.


To make sure, that everyone starts on the same page, we wrote a MANIFEST

We want a fresh Start™!

The world is stuck in old habits and hopeless ways of working.

That’s why we strive to foster a better planet by making a drink that combines eco-friendly ingredients with brand new technology.

Our goal is to support those who want to make a difference and the ones who pursue their dream.

Start™ is a plant-based vegan drink with a twist of coffee to kickstart your day!

Too good to be true?

No. We’re actually just getting Started.

We took Claus’ advice and made a coffee-flavoured drinking yogurt, to start everyones day off just right. These are the FLAVOURS
Every yogurt needs PACKAGING. We wanted it to be simple, sleek and clean. Like the product and the lab it came from.

All the little symbols are telling a story about the product.
For example the little scientist at the top are Claus the inventor.

We also made Corona-friendly virtual PACKSHOTS:

START™ needed a WEBSITE and we wanted it to be simple like everything else, but at the same time easy and fun to navigate in:

For the curious ones, these are ALL THE WEB PAGES ON MOBILE and the WEBSITE ON A COMPUTER:

An INSTAGRAM PROFILE is crucial in these digital times. This one is filled with relevant facts on the brand and a mix of other brands we wanted to give a shoutout for having a great start:

During the LAUNCH, we wanted to create awareness for the brand. By doing a collab with Carlsberg (one of the ingredients is a waste product from beer, remember?) and also giving our target group the tools to a good start. We spread awarenes and informed people that there’s a new vegan yogurt in town: